Pros and Cons of Having Large Dog Breeds

July 9, 2018 | Categories: Petcare

Pros and Cons of Having Large Dog Breeds

We just love dogs, large and small.

For now, we’re going to show some love to the large dog breeds out there! Here are some fun and somewhat comical cons and pros to housing and having big dogs.


Pro: Large dogs undoubtedly are crime deterrents! Their sizes are intimidating and so are their barks. Depending on which of the large dog breeds that you own and the situation, of course, they may go the extra physical mile to protect you.

Con: Not all large dogs are guard dogs. Forget about their sizes, because many are big old friendly pals and they’d rather play than capture a crook!


Pro: They are simply fun and they garner lots of attention. Large dog breeds are so popular and you can rarely go out with them, without it being some type of show!

Con: Conversely, all of the attention can become a task to just go for a walk. You’re gonna have to factor in extra time no matter what!

Gentle Giants

Pro: Most large dog breeds are gentle and goofy giants! They can handle a little rough play with toddlers and they’re far from fragile like little purse pets. They also don’t require a lot of exercise. Size doesn’t correlate to increased physical activity, so you won’t have to take extended walks or jogs!


Con: Well, they leave a trail is more like it! A lot of large dog breeds slobber and there’s nothing you can do about it, except keep paper towels handy!

Warm Blankets

Pro: If you are cold and need a little warmth, your big dog can provide it for you! They will more than likely want nothing more than to sleep beside you anyway!

Have we made our case for buying large dog breeds? We think so! They’re tons of fun and you should get you one! Come by our store today.