Saint Bernard Fun and Interesting Facts – Part 1

August 9, 2018 | Categories: Petcare

Saint Bernard Fun and Interesting Facts – Part 1

Saint Bernards are giant, muscular, and strong dogs!

Like any other large breed dog, Saint Bernard puppies start out cute and cuddly and grow to somewhat massive sizes and heights! Our Saint Bernard puppies are gentle, friendly, and great with children. Saint Bernard owners rave about their sweet temperaments and eagerness to please. In a three-part series, we’ve gathered 15 facts about Saint Bernards!


  • The Saint Bernard originated in the Alpine region of Switzerland, which is where they gained their well-earned notoriety as search and rescue dogs.


  • Saint Bernard puppies got their names from the Great St. Bernard Hospice in the western Alps. Specifically, they were named after Saint Bernard de Menthon, the patron saint of mountaineers. The farmers gave monks at the hospice dogs for protection. They soon began to realize their exceptional sense of smell and started using them for rescue work.


  • Saint Bernards would often travel in pairs of two. If someone were stranded, one would wait with the stranded while the other would return to the monks for help.


  • The breed was almost wiped out after several avalanches killed most of the breed. Consequently, the monks started crossing Saint Bernard puppies with Newfoundlands.


  • Like any other breed, Saints have specifically associated ailments. They are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, eczema, heart problems, and seizures.


  • There is a town in Ohio called St. Bernard.


  • The Saint’s coat is a beautiful mix of various shades of white, red, tan, mahogany, black, and brindle.


  • Saint Bernard puppies weigh an average of 1.5 pounds at birth!


  • These big babies grow for a long time because they don’t reach maturity for 3 years!


  • Saint Bernards range in height from 25 to 30 inches at the shoulder.


  • Saints are working dogs and are commonly used for cart pulling, agility, weight pulling, and their excellent nose work.


  • Buck from Jack London’s Call of the Wild was a Saint Bernard mix.


  • Many large breed dogs, including Saint Bernard puppies, faced extinction after WWII.


  • Saint Bernard dogs are thought to be descendants of Molosser dogs which were brought to Europe by the ancient Romans.


  • Saint Bernard puppies start (and don’t stop) drooling early in their lives! Drooling is part of the Saint Bernard puppy package! Because of their drooling, they drink a lot of water, so keep fresh water accessible for them at all times.