25 Beagle Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

August 27, 2018 | Categories: Petcare

25 Beagle Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Want to know why people across the world just love Beagle puppies?

Continue reading because we’ve gathered 25 fascinating facts about this lovable breed.

Origin Facts

  • It is believed that the name “Beagle” comes from the Middle French words “bee gueule.” This means “wide throat.” Beagles are known barkers and called “loudmouth.”
  • Beagles were recognized by the AKC in 1885 and won Best in Show in 2008.
  • In the 1840’s, four different standards of Beagles were developed. They were the: fox Beagle, medium Beagle, the rough-coated/terrier Beagle and the dwarf/lapdog Beagle.
  • Way back in the day, Beagles were only 8 to 9 inches tall and could actually fit in the pocket of a hunter. They were aptly called Pocket Beagles.

Personality Facts  

  • Beagles require exercise! They aren’t good as couch potatoes. If you’d like a running partner, then get a Beagle and enjoy your workout.
  • Beagles are well-known to be rather even-temper and very gentle, however, they are also very excitable and can be classified as hyper.
  • They are stubborn!

Nosey Facts

  • The Beagle breed has been described as having a “nose with feet.” They will pick up a scent and follow it until they can’t anymore!
  • Beagle puppies have noses that are black and large in proportion to their muzzles. We guess it’s no surprise that they hold approximately 220 million scent-receptors. Compare that to humans who have about 5 million.
  • The small and friendly Beagle is used to sniff around unsuspecting visitors at airport security, which also allows them to fit into small spaces to check cargo and airmail depots.
  • Well-trained Beagles can learn around 50 different scents.

Training Facts

  • We mentioned earlier that they are quite stubborn. This means that training them can be tricky. It’s doable, but you’ll need lots of patience and persistence.
  • Stick to basic one-word commands, when you begin training your Beagle puppies. This will lessen the chances of confusion with them.
  • To get the best out of training your Beagle, exercise her before you start training. This will help release any pent-up energy she may have and keep her focused.