3 Rooms You Must Puppy Proof

September 9, 2019 | Categories: Petcare

3 Rooms You Must Puppy Proof

Purchasing a puppy is an unforgettable experience, similar to bringing home a new baby. Your new puppy is a new member of your family and will soon be exploring his new home. Preparing your home for his arrival is an essential part of caring for your pup.  Below is our advice on the three most important rooms you should puppy proof.


First, we recommend that you use child-proof cabinet locks where hazardous chemicals are stored. Puppies are smarter than you think and can learn how to open cabinets to explore, hide and play inside. If possible install toilet clamps to avoid your new puppy drinking from the porcelain bowl. There are tons of dangerous items such as medication, razors, cotton balls, and swabs and even soap. When you buy a pup, some things don’t necessarily seem harmful, but they are. Shampoos and tissue can be digested and cause unnecessary discomfort to your dog. It’s best to keep those items high atop or simply put away so that they’re inaccessible. Teach your family members to close the bathroom door as the ultimate puppy proof mechanism.


Just as in the bathroom, add kid-proof cabinet locks to all of the low- level kitchen cabinets. Since kitchens are bigger there are more things that your pup can get into. Make sure that your trashcans are sturdy and have tops that can’t be pried open and consider putting your trash can in a cabinet or in the pantry. Don’t leave food and drinks on tables and countertops and be extra cautious with low hanging tablecloths and drapes. Also be sure to store plastic grocery bags out of sight, or just switch to reusable cloth bags to be extra safe and environmentally conscience. 

Living Rooms and Dens

The family room is a place where your dog will feel just as comfortable as you, so you want to make it safe for him. Move magazines and remote controls in places where he can’t reach. Put away loose items, including decorative throw pillows. Teething puppies will enjoy gnawing on them, so move them! Cover electrical power cords and strips and also install outlet covers. 

All of these tips are for the benefit and preservation of your pup’s good health and well-being. You should keep the local animal poison number handy and readily accessible. Contact us should you have questions or concerns about how to puppy-proof your home and keep them safe at all times.