3 Reasons to love dogs

There are lots of things to love about dogs. They don’t call them man’s best friend for no reason. Dogs are extremely special and therefore they need special love, care, and attention. We’ve decided to share three reasons that we love dogs to celebrate the bond between man and dog.

1. We love dogs because they love us!

 Dogs are one of nature’s sweetest creations. Dogs care so much about the people that they build bonds. They feel our emotions which can make it hard for them to see us suffer. Even on your worst days, you can count on dogs to love. Every time you come home; they celebrate your arrival. Dogs offer a special kind of love that everyone should experience in their life. 

2. We love Dogs because they require care 

Dogs give us a purpose because they have needs. Most dogs need to be fed two to three times a day in order to be well cared for and maintain a healthy weight. With that said, dogs must also be taken on walks daily so that they get the appropriate amount of exercise to keep them healthy. Caring for a dog can help treat depression and keep you healthy. 

3. We love dogs because they add value to our lives 

Dog’s age in dog years is not the same as in human years. For each human year dog’s age 7, so the time they spend being a puppy is pretty short. As dogs start to age, they should be looked after and cared for just the same as you cared for them when they were puppies. They need close attention so that they can have a complete high-quality life.

The friendship between dogs and humans is an amazing connection filled with mutual love, trust, and care. 

Tips for choosing the best breed for you

Just like humans, dogs have personalities. Some dogs can be larger than life, while others are shy. Choose a dog whose personality compliments yours is a recipe for success. Here are three personality types with breeds to match. 

The Adventure Seeker

If you love to scale mountains and have an overall passion for the outdoors, the famous Labrador Retriever is exactly the dog you need to be your sidekick. These dogs are known to love outdoor excursions and lake days because they are excellent swimmers. They are not afraid to get messy, and there is very little that they fear. They are loyal, trusting, and natural survivors.

The Affectionate type

If you love cuddling and enjoying time with the family, then you will need an affectionate and family-oriented dog. Frenchie pups are one of the most fun and loving dogs that enjoy every moment spent with their family. Frenchie pups understand younger children’s playtime needs but also respect the boundaries of your older children too. Frenchie pups are super affectionate and do not like to be left out of family time.

The Socializer 

If you are the life of the party, then you will be well suited to an outgoing dog breed. The Pug has always been known for being extremely outgoing. These dogs attract a lot of attention and know-how to make strangers smile. They are also not afraid to communicate their needs. These dogs do not grow to be that big in size so they are not intimidating.

Finding the right puppy for your home and your family doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Understanding the common personality traits can help you narrow down your selection. Keep in mind that every dog is unique therefore there is no predicting individual behavior, likes or dislikes of a puppy. Getting to know your pup’s true personality is the fun part of puppy parenting. 

How to Prepare for Apartment Puppies for the Fall

Summer is coming to an end and your puppy will have to adjust to the new season of Fall. There are several ways you can make your pup more comfortable in your apartment as the seasons’ change. We take the utmost pride in educating our pet parents. Here are three things you can do to make your apartment the perfect home for your puppies.

Easy on the Air

The hot days of summer require constant use of air conditioning. Your dog may have fur, but pups prefer natural air over air conditioning. On a cool crisp fall day, opt for opening your bedroom or living room window and letting the fresh fall breeze enter your apartment. Your pup will be relaxed and comfortable breathing in the natural air. 

Purchase a crate and become educated on crate training.

Crate training is great for apartment puppies, as it helps to keep relatively small spaces cleaner and provides structure for your pups. We provide in-depth details on crate training to all puppy parents. We also carry a wide variety of crates. Our staff can assist you in finding the perfect crate for your new apartment companion.

Get outdoors.

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean your puppy isn’t ready for some fall outdoor fun. Apartment puppies, especially some of the larger ones, will require exercise and will love some playtime with other pups! Venture out and find a pile of leaves for them to jump in or visit a local dog park. Fall mid-range temperatures are perfect for spending time outdoors. Plus, early socialization is important, but so is establishing a routine with your pup for elimination purposes. Your apartment community may actually have designated walking trails and areas for its residents’ dogs. Some are spacious and some are just patches! Do your research – it could be a fun venture for you and your pup!  

3 Rooms You Must Puppy Proof

Purchasing a puppy is an unforgettable experience, similar to bringing home a new baby. Your new puppy is a new member of your family and will soon be exploring his new home. Preparing your home for his arrival is an essential part of caring for your pup.  Below is our advice on the three most important rooms you should puppy proof.


First, we recommend that you use child-proof cabinet locks where hazardous chemicals are stored. Puppies are smarter than you think and can learn how to open cabinets to explore, hide and play inside. If possible install toilet clamps to avoid your new puppy drinking from the porcelain bowl. There are tons of dangerous items such as medication, razors, cotton balls, and swabs and even soap. When you buy a pup, some things don’t necessarily seem harmful, but they are. Shampoos and tissue can be digested and cause unnecessary discomfort to your dog. It’s best to keep those items high atop or simply put away so that they’re inaccessible. Teach your family members to close the bathroom door as the ultimate puppy proof mechanism.


Just as in the bathroom, add kid-proof cabinet locks to all of the low- level kitchen cabinets. Since kitchens are bigger there are more things that your pup can get into. Make sure that your trashcans are sturdy and have tops that can’t be pried open and consider putting your trash can in a cabinet or in the pantry. Don’t leave food and drinks on tables and countertops and be extra cautious with low hanging tablecloths and drapes. Also be sure to store plastic grocery bags out of sight, or just switch to reusable cloth bags to be extra safe and environmentally conscience. 

Living Rooms and Dens

The family room is a place where your dog will feel just as comfortable as you, so you want to make it safe for him. Move magazines and remote controls in places where he can’t reach. Put away loose items, including decorative throw pillows. Teething puppies will enjoy gnawing on them, so move them! Cover electrical power cords and strips and also install outlet covers. 

All of these tips are for the benefit and preservation of your pup’s good health and well-being. You should keep the local animal poison number handy and readily accessible. Contact us should you have questions or concerns about how to puppy-proof your home and keep them safe at all times.

Is bigger really better: The Facts about Large Dog Breeds

Have you ever seen a small person walking a large dog and wondered how and why they do it? Some people just love big dogs. Today we are going to discuss a few facts about large dog breeds that may leave you thinking bigger is better.


Large dogs will undoubtedly scare away intruders and serve as great house guards. They’re loyal and protective qualities make them wonderful crime deterrents! Their sizes are intimidating and so are their barks. Depending on which of the large dog breeds that you own and their personality, they may go the extra physical mile to protect you. It’s important to understand that not all large dogs are guard dogs. Some are gentle giants who love making friends and playing rather than fighting crime.


Big dogs rarely go unnoticed. During walks, car rides, and at the dog park they garner lots of attention. Large dog breeds are admired by the public, and you can’t go out with them, without someone asking, “What kind of dog is that?”. If you are an introvert, you might have to adapt to conversations with strangers and extra-long walks with frequent stops while people adore your dog.

Gentle Giants

Most large dog breeds are gentle and goofy giants! They can handle a little rough play with toddlers and they’re far from fragile like little purse pets. They also require a lot of exercise and space to run and stretch their legs. Their big size can often mean increased energy, so you might have to take extended walks or jogs! 

Also, big dogs tend to have heavier jaws which can cause them to drool and slobber. They even can sling spit across the walls of your home when they shake their heads after a long refreshing nap. They mean no harm it’s just one of the many ways big breeds show their love.

Have we made our case for buying large dog breeds? We think so! They’re tons of fun and you should get you one! Come by our store today.